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Classically Elegant!

Forming the foundation of the plain blackout collection Bella is available across a vast colour palette.

A sense of serenity is achieved with crisp, fresh white, while carefully coloured neutrals add warmth to the range. Soft pastels and light dusky tones bring a touch of elegance with confidence been added through an injection of colour. Bella forms the foundation for the plain blackout collection.

A lightly textured woven blackout fabric, is presented with a matt finish. Manufactured to the highest quality, the Bella range lets you match your blind to your interior décor, as well as offering the ultimate in privacy and light protection.

Bella SnowBella Snow
Bella PaperBella Paper
Bella FrostBella Frost
Bella OysterBella Oyster
Bella ModestyBella Modesty
Bella DoveBella Dove
Bella CanvasBella Canvas
Bella ButterBella Butter
Bella BeigeBella Beige
Bella PlacidBella Placid
Bella MirageBella Mirage
Bella MineralBella Mineral
Bella VellumBella Vellum
Bella Grey-WhisperBella Grey-Whisper
Bella MaylarBella Maylar
Bella TaupeBella Taupe
Bella HessianBella Hessian
Bella PuttyBella Putty
Bella TropezBella Tropez
Bella GableBella Gable
Bella FlintBella Flint
Bella BulletBella Bullet
Bella SonarBella Sonar
Bella PortobelloBella Portobello
Bella HavanaBella Havana
Bella Venum
Bella Venum
Bella RockBella Rock
Bella CanyonBella Canyon
Bella MonoBella Mono
Bella Noir
Bella Noir
Bella AmalfiBella Amalfi
Bella HintBella Hint
Bella BossaBella Bossa
Bella BrittanyBella Brittany
Bella GladeBella Glade
Bella Duck-EggBella Duck-Egg
Bella TiffanyBella Tiffany
Bella ComoBella Como
Bella SloeBella Sloe
Bella ArcadiaBella Arcadia
Bella AmparoBella Amparo
Bella NatoBella Nato
Bella BoujeeBella Boujee
Bella SapphireBella Sapphire
Bella MidnightBella Midnight
Bella Solar
Bella Solar
Bella JazzBella Jazz
Bella Tango
Bella Tango
Bella ChilliiBella Chillii
Bella ScarlettBella Scarlett
Bella RubyBella Ruby
Bella LipstickBella Lipstick
Bella TickledBella Tickled
Bella CactiBella Cacti
Bella VineBella Vine
Bella GramaBella Grama
Bella MamboBella Mambo
Bella RefreshBella Refresh
Bella EmpireBella Empire
Bella IndigoBella Indigo