Lined Curtains

Includes new swish rails and fittings.

Quotes can be supplied for extra large windows where alterations are required. Cream and blue are normally the colours held in stock other colours can be supplied on application. Call the Focus window team on: 0208 452 9997 for a quote.

Essence Natural

Curtains Essence Natural

Essence Grey

Curtains Essence Grey

Essence Red

Curtains Essence Red

Essence Navy

Curtains Essence Navy

Essence Green

Curtains Essence Green

Net Curtain

Net Curtain

Typical bedroom window

Width x Drop

46" x 54"
66" x 54"
46" x 72"
66 x 72

Large or tall window

Width x Drop

46" x 90"
66" x 90"
72" x 90"

Bay window

Net Curtains supplied and installed from £POA per window


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