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Lined Curtains

Lined Curtains

Insulation - Closed curtains help keep out draughts whilst trapping heat in the room.

Protection - Lined curtains give an added level of resistance against strong sunlight that will stop deterioration over time.

Hanging - Lined curtains add extra weight - which allows them to hang better and lowers the risk of creasing.



Lined Curtains - Available in Blue and Cream

These prices include new swish rails and fittings. 

Quotes can be supplied for extra large windows where alterations are required. 

These prices are for set drop curtains 

Typical bedroom window - £43.78 + Vat

Width x Drop

46" x 54"

66" x 54"

46" x 72"


Large or tall window - £58.72 + Vat

Width x Drop

66" x 72"

46" x 90"

66" x 90"

Bay window - £75.74 + Vat

Net curtain - £24.68 + Vat

Cream and blue are normally the colours held in stock other colours can be supplied on application.


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